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Provocative thoughts appear in the article (BF Magazine Vol.15.No.2 04/2015 )


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Secularism in Light of the 2015 Oscars     Grant Chen

Like surging tides secularization constantly impacts western society traditionally influenced by Christianity.

In the final chapter of A Secular Age Charles Taylor talked about the concept of “ conversion, ” indicating that a secular person may pass through the frame of imminence and search for answers in transcendent realm.


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Tears of Egypt: A Vicissitude History of Coptic Christians    Feng Ling

The Coptic Christians made great contributions to Christianity by protecting it from Gnosticism.

Actually the Coptics did not deviate from orthodox Christology. They should be admired for enduring persecutions.


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Lessons for Media Ministry Learned from Paul ' s Sermon at Areopagus     Yang Liu

Paul first found the contact point to communicate with men of Athens. Their fear for the supernatural paved the way for the preaching of the gospel.

“Some became followers of Paul and believed.” Apparently they were attracted by his noble character. The conversion of the intellectual was largely the result of testimonies of transformed lives.



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Speech, More than Rights: Sense of Responsibility in view of the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy     Wen-Yu Xie

The ways of using the right of speech will be varied according to our sense of responsibility.


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Desiring God's Precious Words (II): Biblical Inerrancy in the Early Church and After the Reformation      Shao-Kai Zeng


New Perspectives:

Van Til's Critiques on Barth     Gang Zhao


New Perspectives

Strange Glory (I): A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer     Liangshwu Liu


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Running Across Old Friends in a Foreign Land     Ling Tian


New Perspectives

A New Vision for Education: Introduction to 2015 Global Immersion Program     Xiao-Man Li


Events & Testimony

Saints and Scholars: A Unique History of Cambridge    Liangshwu Liu