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A Winding Journey of Cultural Transformation

Ploughing the field of Chinese culture
preparing hearts for the Gospel

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07/2006 Thorny Path and Bright Vision
Grant Chen
04/2006 An On-Going Story
Liang-Shwu Chen
04/2006 A Winding Journey of Cultural Transformation
Daniel Ling Li
07/2005 Lessons from History: Cultural Mission in China
Edwin Su

The purpose of this scholarship is to nurture talents in the areas of academic and mass media for the development of God's kingdom.

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Christian Faith and Cultural Trasformation
A note from the President

The Lord has given us the Great Commission to preach the gospel to the people of our generation. The Blessings Foundation is a Christian agency with a clear purpose to evangelize the Chinese intellectuals. We have been working hard in plowing this field in order to sow the seed of the Gospel. Traditionally Chinese culture, viewed as fortress of naturalism and humanism, can often hinder the acceptance of the Gospel. Our goal is to eliminate these obstacles so that the work of evangelism among the Chinese people can be fruitful. (more)


We hold the “BF Family Retreat” annually to encourage one another in areas of spirituality, daily life, and ministry so that we may meet the challenges of cultural mission. (more)
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