Scholarship of Blessings Foundation


• Purpose

The purpose of this scholarship is to nurture talents in the areas of academic and mass media for the development of God's kingdom.

• Qualification of the Applicants

1. Enrolled in a seminary or university in north America for the pursuit of MA, MDiv., or PhD related to Christian faith.

2. Trained in mass media or had experiences in academic exchange activities, with publications or products

3. Fully agree with the vision of the Blessings Foundation with the determination to devote to related ministries upon graduation.

• Award of Scholarship

The award of scholarship is two years. The other programs may extend to three years upon request and will be considered case by case.

1. Full scholarship: tuition support up to $8,500 per year, plus living expense support $750 per month for 10 month per year

2. Partial scholarship:

(1) Tuition support: up to $8,500 per year

(2) Living expense support: $750 per month for 10 month per year



• Application Materials

1. Application form (Download available)

2. Materials provided to the seminary/university, including personal testimony

3. Transcripts

4. Photo (with the family)

5. Publication of product in the past

6. Three recommendations (Download available)

7. Copy of I-20 or acceptance letter from the school

8. Signed Agreement (in English, Download available)

• Deadlines

1. The deadline for the fall application is May 15. The result will be mailed to the applicant after Jun 15. The support will start from September.

2. The deadline for the spring application is Nov. 15. The result will be mailed to the applicant after December 15. The support will start from January next year.