Talent Nurturing
  1. Each year we support six seminarians devoted to academic pursuit or mass media ministry.
  2. The BF coworkers regularly intercede for the seminarians, visit them, care for their personal needs, and provide spiritual guidance.
  3. The annual BF "Family Retreat" gathers awards recipients, graduates, and board directors for a time of sharing and fellowship.



 1) Purpose

   In order to achieve the goals of cultural mission, we cultivate seminarians who possess special abilities in the areas of academic research and mass media. They identify with the BF vision and will devote their lives to its accomplishment after graduation.


 2) Scholarship


  Application Instructions


 3) Caring


   We look after the seminarians, treating them as “family members.” (more)


 4) Family Retreat


   We hold the “BF Family Retreat” annually to encourage one another in areas of spirituality, daily life, and ministry so that we may meet the challenges of cultural mission. (more)


5) Recipient


Seminarians and Graduates